According to a new survey, salary is only 4th on the list of criteria when a candidate is looking for a new job. According to 2000 people surveyed by the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), eight out of ten would prefer to work in a happy environment than earn a high wage.

“When it comes to working happiness, money is far from the driving factor for most of us,” said AAT chief executive Mark Farrar. “Most of us will spend the biggest portion of our lives working and it’s important that any job we have enhances us both professionally and personally.” The top 5 factors that people wanted in their working lives were responsibility, recognition, colleagues, good pay and to make a difference. Finding a role that manages to achieve a good work-life balance comes across strongly. Can you balance pay and promotion with family time and a workable commute? Take a look at the full list at the HR Zone website.