Why use an agency? There are cheaper ways to recruit after all – why should you pay our fees to put you in touch with someone you need in your business?

An interesting question – the truth is there’s no single answer. It’s usually a combination of speed, accuracy, proactivity and cost. Yes cost – we’ll get back to that one!

At Enjoy we understand that our clients rely on us to offer access to candidates they won’t have come across through other means. We’ve been established since 2002 and our network in the community is second to none. We recommend people to our clients who are known to us throughout the greater parts of their careers, people we can really vouch for and recommend because we know how well our clients will get on with them. Naturally we don’t skimp on demonstrating the relevance of their work history, qualifications and experience but we’re uniquely placed to comment on personality and it’s that that often makes the difference in a long term relationship.

We register a non-stop supply of the best available candidates in the area, making recommendations regarding opportunities that fit because of our in depth knowledge of our clients working environments. That helps increase the number of successful interviews we coordinate which saves our clients time. Time saved is (you’ve guessed it!) money saved, and not just on time spent interviewing. We spread knowledge of our vacancies very wide, through a plethora of online, offline, social and personal networks. It’s not unusual to have several hundred applicants for a single role. Reviewing and handling those responses is very time intensive especially if you’re going to cover as much ground as you need to in order to be sure you’re not missing anyone. Unlike some of our competitors everyone who makes an application to one of our roles receives feedback to their application. We feel that’s very important as we’re protecting your brand as well as our own by treating candidates with the respect they deserve. We’re also proactive in our approach to delivering talent and actively sell our clients roles to candidates we know would be very suitable. The very best people often don’t know they’re open to suggestions until we speak to them!

We’re best used as a consultancy. The clients who get the best from us use us as an extension to their HR teams and allow us access to the business in order to further our understanding and fine-tune our matches. Almost all of our clients use us either as sole supplier to their businesses or as part of tightly controlled preferred supplier list. We reward their loyalty and trust with discounted fee rates and prioritisation of their roles.

We remain owner managed and a family business. If you’d like a confidential conversation on how we can help your business grow and develop please feel free to call and ask to speak to one of our directors, Dave or Claire Townsend on 01242 252337.